Country Leader:

Lucie Viakinnou Brinson


We’ve impacted over 6000 students in 10 elementary schools (Gbagla Koké, Lotin Gbegodo, Hinkoudé, Laké, Danmè-Loko and Cité des Anges, Mondo Tokpa, Tchakla, Gbakpo Legbassa) through our school supplies and book distribution (textbooks/activity books/ supplementary reading materials), and literacy programs:


We’ve conducted summer academic programs since 2010


We’ve conducted reading hour programs since 2010


We’ve repaired caved in classrooms


We’ve built and furnished our first library in the school of Hinkoudé in 2014-2015 

We’ve built our second library in the school of Gbagla Koké in 2016


We've built our third library at the Cité des Anges Orphanage in 2017 


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